06 October 2014

Otterpop is ready for Cynosports, too.

Otterpop will be at USDAA Nationals, too. Because, yeah right. Leave Otterpop home? Otterpop can help me with coverage for Mary. Because we are going to miss Mary! And Tammy! So I'll make sure Otterpop takes notes. I took her to the beauty parlor today to get ready. She was all, pedicure. But they don't have dremels at the beauty shop. They do have tiny alligator skulls though! Our kind of beauty shop. So Otterpop is pretty much ready to go. See you there!

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Mary said...

Two of my Ohio agility instructors from Incredipaws (Susan and Abbey) are going to be a Cynosports. Be sure to be nice extra nice to them! Also, they may be visiting Santa Cruz, and will need fun suggestions of things to do, places to eat, etc. I will get 4LeggedFlix, but I'm counting on TSD coverage for the real scoops!!!