01 August 2014

The perserverence of swim lessons, or the brilliance of NeverMind Dog training.

For the longest time, Banksy didn't get it how to swim. She was a wader. But a bit of a sissy in the swim department.

It was Otterpop's job to bring the sticks back, and Banksy only went in up to her neck.

Gustavo enjoyed having a friend who stayed close to the shore, because he's a little bit of a swim sissy himself. His swim style is to not swim for a long time, then randomly go in and swim across the creek or the pond and then get stuck because he forgets how to swim to come back. Ruby never swims, it's a known fact that Ruby doesn't float.

Then one day, this happened.

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, Banksy just took off after one of Otterpop's swimsticks and never looked back.

The swimming! THE SWIMMING! THE SWIMMING!!!!! I would say the pond has moved up on our list of distractions to the point where there is a leash to get there now and there are cookies and there is a great effort for walk to the pond now instead of FREAK OUT OF JOY all the way to the pond because now it's not just water it is SWIMMING!

So now there's 2 of these swimstick faces. Otterpop has her own patented loud barking manic water dance, Banksy sits offshore and channels laser beam eyes to get the swimstick to throw itself.  A new high level distraction training! A new hole ripped in our recall advances when it's time to leave the pond! More training challenges! But super awesome to have a swim partner for Otterpop.


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