10 August 2014

Homework, all the time.

Banksy finished up her pet dog training class this weekend, and went to a super fun trick training seminar on Sunday. Both had lots of distractions, many agility dogs and puppies running around doing all kinds of tricks in the seminar, and a small group of pretty quiet older puppies in her training class.

I think she did great! Much room for improvement! Much room for improvement!  Much room for improvement!  But a lot of focus a lot of the time. Except for when there wasn't. Banksy LOVES going to school, and especially loves doing her homework. She needs very, short little sessions, that's for sure.

Our biggest homework projects right now:

Stays/recalls/focus. Toys! Distractions! Other dogs RUNNING! Dust! Leaves that BLOW! WATER!

Relax for re-learning how to get groomed and how to get nails done. This is a biggie. It is a major sadmaker of wigging out for her right now.

Re-learn to be happy at the vet's office. Another biggie.

Auto redirecting the staring. While relaxing. More relaxing. Chillaxing. Not wigging.

Balancing stuff on her head.

Dog homework is the best. We're going slow. Baby steps. Even though it feels like my puppy is almost grown up!

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