21 July 2014

Me and Banksy and everybody else, learning how to do stuff together.

This isn't us at our best, or our worst. Although I am wearing my pajamas in part of it. Standard dog training garb. It's just what we've been doing. A lot of tricks for treats lately, just seems like the right thing to do right now. Every day we try something new. And try to remember to work on what we did the day before. This week's projects, more circle work, more recalls, and more working on those distractions.

Oh, the distractions. Oh. The. Distractions.



Tammy Moody said...

Best ever. Banksy in moving pictures! She is perfect and a tugging and tricksy fool. I think she is small enough to be considered part of your Small Dog Team. She is easily half the size of my boys...

Agility Foot said...

Go Banksy!!