14 July 2014

Border Collie Bohemian Shabby Costco Poly Blend Chic.

They look a little seasick.

Having a border collie puppy, as opposed to an entire team small dog of non chewing, non staring, couch sized grown up dogs who don't carry buckets full of water around in their mouths, has been opening up a whole new world of border collie friendly home decor in my humble small dog abode.

Just having dogs in general has now rully relegated me to a special style category of no return. Where by special I don't actually mean special. That's a lie. Where fashion choices run along the lines of does one wear these running shoes, or these running shoes, or maybe even perhaps, these running shoes? The choice is always going to be, the running shoes. Or the pockets. A garment needs to have pockets. Or pocket. Plural pockets is far superior to singular pocket. But pocketless, not even a remote possibility.

Now I've gone too far. This is actually past the point of no return. I've made some recent home fashion style choices that involve Costco. Home decor with giant shopping carts and wine boxes as big as border collie size dog crates. The fact that I am now a card carrying Costco member says a lot right there. This is the fault of dog agility, and my role in putting on trials as the one who brings all the toilet paper. And now I have learned the importance of the Costco dog bed. Made in China of questionable yet recycled materials, sewn by indentured servants in substandard conditions, the giant, washable $25 dog bed now is a focal point in my living room. The pattern is vaguely tropical, in a somewhat nauseating, palm frond kind of way, and it holds exactly 4 dogs and all their toys.

Ruby attempts to negotiate the new throw rug gauntlet.

Costco has also helped us with the throw rugs. Banksy has a creepy hobby of staring at dust particles on smooth floors. Whether these are real or imagined I'm not sure, but creepy staring doesn't happen on rugs. So rugs it is. Our super vintage wood floors and even more superly vintage pink linoleum now say that throw rugs are their new black. I am hoping this is a thing. Bohemian. Mix and match design! If you want to see how 11 totally non matching floor rugs make for a non staring floor ensemble, please stop by.

Just a couple of our fancy new dog toys.

Banksy hates it by the way. She tries to stare into the gaps, but I can catch her every time and redirect her to helping me make a salad or playing with a toy or anything that isn't floor staring. The rug solution has so far been the most effective non dust staring tool, along with the magic leave-it. I have tried to make it up to her with making her all new toys out of rags and old clothes and the old toys! Super crafty crafterama happening around here, sitting around on the Costco throw rugs and braiding together old shirts and fleece things and tying them onto balls that I have Otterpop go get from under the deck. So far she hasn't learned how to braid or tie knots but I suspect this is just around the corner in border collie puppy development.

This is our new style. I am going to call it Border Collie Bohemian Shabby Costco Poly Blend Chic. You are warned, if you are coming over to our house any time soon. Please do not judge. And if you do, I don't care. Because it's getting my puppy to not floor stare.


Anonymous said...

I also have the decorator Costco throw rugs and beds! I feel so with it now! I also have the $7 Costco memory foam bathmats for crate pads too. Work awesome and when some BC mix, who shall remain nameless... Beep! throws a fit and starts tearing it to pieces, no fluff, just bits of memory foam. Much easier to clean up and if it's just the edges, it can still be washed and used again!

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