29 June 2014

We were thinking we were living the good life over here.

I'm trying to figure out, does our life stress Banksy out? Because I've read a lot about obsessive staring at dust, or invisible things that maybe will move, sometime in the future. That stress can cause obsessive behaviors. We thought our life here was pretty good. We go to the forest. The beach. The pond. We play in the yard. At the school. In the pasture. In the living room. During agility. Balls! Tugging! Running! Chunks of organic turkey flesh! Life is good here, Banksy seems like a super happy puppy. She has probably given you a giant hug and the biggest face licks! I'm a pretty low stress person, as far as I can tell. But the second I don't have her engaged, she wants to stare at dust.

Otterpop says, Be Nice, Don't Bite! And only you can prevent forest fires! Let the puppy stare! More time for Otterpop if the puppy is busy staring at the floor!

Maybe this is stressful? When she has to stand on the thing? Ha! So not! Banksy is a true forest Banksy. Doing stuff on walks is her best thing ever. She's learning to put front feet on logs. Back feet on logs. Running around trees! She loves her life. Although she even looks happy when she's staring. Super tail waggy, like this is the best thing ever. It's her crack. It's what she wants to do the second we are not doing something else. If I'm not cruise directing, she's down to the floor for dust staring and I am all, do something ELSE! Anything ELSE. Party on NOW!

So anything else we do. We wish we could walk and play all day long. That I could play with her every second, and then she'd sleep and then we'd play again. She's sleeping while I'm writing this, by the way. There is not much blog writing with a dust staring puppy, if you were wondering where I was. Whoever is still left out there, once team small dog went to the border collies. But I'm here, and I'm writing fast, because my puppy's going to wake up in a minute and then we get to go do something, anything, that isn't staring at dust.


Jenn said...

Still here.


Anonymous said...

any kind of dog will do. still here.
my puppy doesn't stare at dust. she screams when she is not doing anything. bet you thought screaming would go away if it were ignored. not always so. which is worse, screaming or dust staring? both.

Alaska said...

Still here.

My puppy never stared at dust, but whenever life got dull she ate the couch. Multiple times. Consider yourself lucky.

Jodi,eh? said...

When 2do was a pup, he stared at ants. I was led to believe that BC staring would lead to insanity or worse. He turned out to be the most laid back guy around. Banksy wil be perfect.

team small dog said...

Yes, the belief that border collie staring leads to insanity or WORSE! This is what we don't want. Banksy is so awesome and perfect and we do not want insanity or worse! I am glad to hear 2do decided not to keep staring at ants! I am convincing Banksy there is lots more to do in life than stare at dust!