18 June 2014

Training distractions with your puppy, how about naked homeless guys and their electric grooming tools?

Distractions are probably our biggest training challenge right now.

Along with everything else about training a puppy.

Our funnest distraction to work with, puppies! Banksy's two best friends are Bisou and Kirk. So calling her out of this is possible, but challenging.

Sits and downs drill team with Kirk. Possible! Challenging.

But we let them do this a lot too.

Then run away and tug and do tricks for treats.

Our biggest distraction? Probably everything. But how many of you trained your puppy tonight at your secret training field with a homeless guy shaving off all his body hair with electric hair clippers as your distraction?

I might have to work extra hard to get my puppy to play with me instead of staring at dust, or running away to Bisou or Kirk's food and toys. But I can say that we can do amazing fast running circle work and heeling pivots with naked homeless guys and electric clippers as our distraction.

And also the cops. Because we're not really supposed to be using our secret training yard for a training yard, and that guy wasn't really supposed to be using the electric plug for naked body shaving there. We all scrammed. But we sure did get some good training in. And I think the guy got all his body hair removed, too.

Thanks, Channan for all the super cute photos of Banksy and Kirk!


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