23 June 2014

Nevermind dogs dogtalk - puppy training edition

NeverMind Dogs: DogTalk
We thought our puppies should learn how to swim. Because Tori's puppy already knows how.


Anonymous said...

best puppy training video ever.
sadly, i have a puppy but i will never be able to train her because i don't (this is embarrassing) like beer or wine or bourbon or ouzo or.... nevermind. my puppy's name is shut the f#@* up. she answers to it every time if i say it really loud. i'm hoping someday she will come to it, even without the beer. and if she doesn't maybe i can teach myself to like beer with a clicker and white chocolate chips.

team small dog said...

If you don't have to teach your puppy to swim you're probably ok without the beer. You could just try going sit sit sit sit sit sit sit for the sit part with no beer.

Anonymous said...

Love the swim commentary..great to see you are still super silly. Was just reading about Banksy in SF Chronicle and wondering if this is where your pooch's name came from(thought you would like his art).
Thanks for the laugh!!Martian1/4s

Anonymous said...

Nice job!