19 May 2014

Razor sharp puppy fangs

Here are some tiny sharks. There are teensy, tiny, razor sharp shark fangs embedded into cuddly puppy jaws. Puppies are really cute, but underneath those soft, floppy cuteness bodies are little rows of razor wire ready to chomp down on your arm.

Banksy's BFF and training partner for life, Bisou, never bites Karla with his razor sharp fangs. Bisou means kisses in French, and he is living up to his name. He saves up his biting for bitey face with Banksy.

Banksy, on the other hand, bites me all the time. Banksy is named after an anti-establishment rule breaking artist. Sometimes she bites the hand that feeds. Not on purpose. Probably. She's a maniac with the toy. And when we are doing restrained recalls, or anytime I whip the toy out for her, sometimes she misses and ouch.

See that? That's a bloody finger hole. Ouch. Ouch! OUCH!! That was a good one.

Bisou is showing her here, just on the toy. See? You just gotta aim and get the fangs smack on the toy. Only there. He's a good training partner. He is an excellent role model because he ALWAYS runs back to Karla on his restrained recalls. While Banksy runs after him. This week Banksy is working on a goal of NO MORE BITING THE WRONG THING. Only the toy. No more bloody fingers. Kisses only. Razor sharp puppy fangs, no more on me.


Agility Foot said...

Banksy and Bisou are so sweet together and do display some very pearly, sharp whites. Love these babies!!

Unknown said...

Nice that she has a peer for visits and training! Cute together!

Unknown said...

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