11 May 2014

One of the family.

So right. This is kind of a creepy dog family photo. All it needs is a sad clown puppet to make the leap to really creepy. Nobody looks very happy about posing with the puppy. Poor Banksy. They are accepting her more every day, but she's still an outsider. We are working on this. She wants them to love her. She kisses them and grovels at their feet. She gets her own stick instead of borrowing Otterpop's. There are happy moments, but mostly the team seems to have taken a secret vote of Let's Pretend the Puppy is Invisible. Three against one. But the puppy is still! She is still for a photo! I declare victory.

We had the our first day at home since Banksy arrived. This has been some weeks of no days off. So yesterday we played a bunch with the tuggy. I got us all lost in the forest. Then we played some with the tuggy. I cleaned the most puppy hurricane hoarder filth part of the house.  Played with the tuggy. Taught Banksy to ride the skateboard. Played with the tuggy. Taught her to be cool with the vacuum. Played with the tuggy. Took her on a walk through the neighborhood to Tash and AA's house, where she was a model citizen puppy on her first visit to somebody's clean house. We all played with a tuggy. Taught Banksy to like a dremel manicure. Played with the tuggy. Rewalked that forest loop before dark, this time with no lost. Played with the tuggy.

I suspect our training regime is a little bit heavy on the tuggy part. We are working on clicker training, but this only works in tiny little bits. So we do tiny little bits. Mostly we are having an awesome time having her as part of the family. Well, I am at least. How did we ever live without a border collie puppy before? I may answer this question different than the rest of the team. But I know she'll win them over eventually. Hooray for Banksy!


Unknown said...

This is Frenzy's mom (Banksy's sister)...I love reading your blog!!!!

Ali said...

Congrats on the EARS being level this week! LOL!