21 April 2014

What's the matter with my dog theory number 47: sad little sissy guy sore front leg theory of dog agility weirdness.

Gustavo has spent the afternoon under the bed crying because he has a very sore right front leg. He is very sad. Do dogs have triceps? If they do, that's what hurts. He told me, DON'T TOUCH MY TRICEPS IF I HAVE ONE.

He didn't show any signs of lameness on the weekend, but he definitely was in a pretty extreme no-go zone. He did run a little bit Sunday, and we did go for a hike this morning. Not a long long one, but we did march up and down a little mountain. Ruby came too.

Whatever it is, I have a broken sad weepy dog who now lives under the bed with the dust and the old hard drive I couldn't find. Not sure what else that is way back there. It's scary under there. Get well soon, Gustavo. And get out from under the bed.


team small dog said...

Aha. He wasn't broken. He has a tick who has managed to crawl all the way under the skin. My doctor surgical skills have not managed to get this thing out yet. We shall see what the day brings. Poor Gooey! We hate ticks.

team small dog said...

Aha, here is a good tick tip. I have never seen a tick do what this tick did. Burrow who body into poor dog and just leave some legs wagging out. And I have seen A LOT of ticks. This was creepy and strange.

I put some frontline on poor Gooey and put him to bed since we couldn't get it out without doing surgery. Was in a very out of the way spot.

In the morning, the tick had partway crawled out to die what I hope was a painful, horrible death. No not really. A tick is a happy creature and I wish it no harm. Yes I do. No I don't.

Anyways, then we just pulled it out, dead. All done.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. thats one death i'm glad to hear about.