16 March 2014

Achieving success without high quality training.

Hey. Who are these NeverMind Dogs people?

Statistically speaking, you'll qualify eventually.

Like today, we were having this rad standard run. I don't even hardly enter standard. Entered it today for no good reason. Whatever. Gustavo was super fast. Great startline. Got through the hard discrimination, great a-frame, around the bend and a smoking dogwalk. Laid down on that table and stayed put for the whole 5 count. Super awesome teeter totter. Rad! Flew into the poles and then we were almost to the end and then I went off course.

Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.

Amazing MC Standard. Except for the part where he got scared of the chute and ran a couple circles around it.

Oh well.

Oh yeah. And his MC Jumpers had 2 wide turns that cost us a .3 or something second time fault.


Awesome double running dogwalks in the gamble opening, he was flying. We racked up a lot of points. I got way out of place and screwed up his gamble. Otterpop got this gamble no problem, but I was way the hell somewhere else when the buzzer went off so she was over time .3 or something seconds, like her little toes were just about to go thru the timer but they didn't.

Never mind.


Paul said...

Loved the reference, loved the picture. Did you go out for lutefisk and lefse afterwards.

Anonymous said...


This just might be the most amazing thing EVAH!