15 January 2014

Don't be mad if you live in the polar vortex.

Don't be mad if you live in the polar vortex. Our waterless vortex of drought, which is giving us extreme fire danger in our 80 degree Northern California January, is disguised as beautiful summer days. Summer days in January is weird. But we are surviving. Putting on sunscreen and squinting a lot in the dust. When the water is gone, not sure what we'll do then.

In the North, the water is frozen. In the South, you can't drink it for the poison. Here, there just isn't any. Sounds like the future to me. Amazon is dispatching sky drones with your  Chinese made commodities, the Google cars wind through the streets driverless, your iphone is tracking your every move. And soon there will be no water. This is how we are, here in 2014.

Here in 2014, some days Gustavo does mind blowing agility. He runs so fast and turns so tight, and flies up across the teeter totter. And some days he can't do hardly any at all. It's random, which it is. We had our class this week, couldn't do hardly anything. This fries both our brains at exactly the same time, so when he pops out of the poles for the one hundreth time, our heads explode and we go play ball for a while. Took him to a fun match the weekend before, did a whole lot, and did it all great. That is just the way we roll, me and him.

Actually, at the fun match he did have a table vortex and ended up underneath. Just for a second. It's fine. We don't do run regular standard anymore. Fancy standard has no table.

I have been running a awesome border collie. He can always do agility. He doesn't always slow down enough to turn, and hits bars sometimes, but at least he's always ready to run. He is very, very fast. I go and practice with him every single time I have a chance. A dog with no weird trips, who doesn't shoot across the field or get scared of the hedge is a novelty, and I am grateful to spend some time with him.

Otterpop is fat. Somewhere on our property, I suspect a lot of cats are getting skinny. I let her roam and amuse herself all day long. She rides the tractor and follows me around the rest of the time. She is good with her life now. She sleeps hard at night.

This weekend me and Gustavo are to run a few classes at a dog show in Santa Rosa. It's a spot where there is historically, for Gustavo, no teeter totter. So, you know. There is jumpers and there is snookers and there will be historic high temperatures where we will all bask in the sun. My yoga teacher, with his little man hair bun and dj whiskers, says, Rock and Roll, Yoga People, raise your hearts to the sky. Higher. And this is what I do.

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