26 January 2014

Different day, different dog show.

Dog show dudes. First of all, way more gentlemens than at dog agility at this dog show. It is in San Francisco, and it is indoors on a beautiful day. There are a lot of ties.

Everybody running around with the cookie in the pocket. In the pocket of the suit with a tie. No tuggies nowhere.

Everything so nice and clean. The yellow pants in the clean suit with the tie. Yellow pants, I am telling you!

All the dudes, want you to meet their dog. If you are bringing your rottweiler, you get a pass on the tie. If you have a neck tattoo, nobody gonna tell you you hafta wear the tie. Dude wants you to pet his dog. Go ahead and touch him. These dog show dogs, they seen it all.

Blow drying for the news. Channel 4 news lady is asking about the blow dryer. Just like yours, news lady, even on a beautiful day the dog gets the dryer.

So much beauty. So much beauty treatment. The pillow sparkles under the lights.

Everything in stacks. No dogs walking at this dog show. The dogs ride around in style. Dogs in strollers, dogs on wheels. Carry the dogs and don't let their feet touch the cement, in case of dirt.

Easier to judge than dog agility. No running. Walk back and forth, back and forth. Pet the doggy. Wear a tie. Walk back and forth. Back and forth.

The gentlemens also wear aprons.

Beer sold everywhere. There was also a bar, deep and dark inside the Cow Palace, old guys in ties sitting in there with their dogs.

Chihuahuas get tiny little couches in their cage. The chihuahua guy, he tried to get them to smile at me. The chihuahuas, pretty sacked out. Please do not touch the chihuahuas. It is one long dog show, all these fans trying to get in and maul the dogs.

This lady, she loved to talk about her dog. This one you could maul, and it never flinches. Doesn't move a muscle. She has a little fireplace behind her. She brought this from home. For ambience.

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