14 September 2013

Good blood, bad blood, and best blood ever.

Gustavo had blood work this week, that's how we monitor his hepatic microvascular dysplasia. That and if he has seizures or acts crazy or drools and shambles around the house. His levels of this and that have done nothing but gotten better since he's been on meds and strict adherence to his special diet for the past 2+ years and this time his blood was the BEST EVER!

Can he go back to eating beloved MEAT? Hell no. Because his brain will explode of ammonia then he'll die of bad liver. But blood tests don't lie, and these ones show that his body is functioning just like a dog that has a normal liver, pretty much, essentially. He is as healthy as he's ever been right now, about as healthy as we can ever hope him to be. His brain might have permanent damage from the years before I knew he had this, but nothing NEW is being damaged anymore.

He is a healthy dog!

This news makes all of us here in team small dog land very, very happy.


Terry A said...

super-duper news for the little black fox!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! keep up the good work! the liver can heal if it gets the right support, and you are doing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing one these fricken annoying indecipherable spambot filters just to say:


Makes me happy. And you can tell how happy, because I hate these things with a passion.

Tammy Moody said...

This is one of the best TSD posts ever. Good news indeed.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Best Blood Ever!!!!!

Who needs meat anyway....?

vici whisner said...

Awesome news!!!!!!!! Happy here in team whisner land! We love the Gustavo!

Elf said...

That's great news in so many ways!