31 August 2013

USDAA Western Regional, Day 2 Reportage-Stoic Pioneers.

A good thing to be grateful for is how agility can help you with your humbleness. Like, say you weren't very humble, and then you did agility, and sometimes things went horribly wrong. And then, you would be all, humbled.

Also it is useful to have a dog who can detect horrible, infected, poisonous things. Like weave poles. Like if they are poisonous and infected and not to be touched or not to get too close or something, then having a dog who can tell you that LOUD AND CLEAR, is a really good thing.

So then not only are you humble, but totally free from poisonous infection! Everybody wins!

1 comment:

maryclover said...

That is so the right attitude. So glad you were not poisoned. Gustavo would tell you..."It's for your own good."