04 August 2013

Beneath a curated existence.

It would seem that we moved underground last month to a place where we would stay transparent enough to almost be invisible. We miss all of you loads! There are reasons for this. Don't take it personal. I'm sure you didn't even hardly notice we were gone. I just have some things that I have to do all by myself, where it is very, very quiet. Everything got too loud. A lot of the time, I'm too loud, and sometimes my own hollering butts into my ears.

We are nifty. Our life has agility and forests and ponies and pizza. I have learned how to stream netflix on the teevee. A mysterious spanish speaking family assdialed my phone late one night and left an epic voicemail that I am still deciphering. I use a string to measure many things. A good way to find me is via the Text because I don't answer my phone.

Perhaps your summer vacation will lead you to my far west location, and I will see you in person. Yay! Unless you're a creepy, loud talking, fat dog stalking, sunnuffabitch, in which case we will all run by you so fast you don't even know what you just seen. Okie dokie? Hugs and kisses, over and out.


Unknown said...


Love the forest images.

Anonymous said...

onuxten 117i missed TSD. i checked in here every morning. maybe not one or two, but most mornings.
i understand about life getting too loud. ear plugs don't fix it. only the forest can do that, but it's temporary... out of the forest, the loud is still there.
i too learned how to stream netflix to my tv, and now i watch it probably too often. creepy murder stories that go on and on. The Killing and Top of the Lake, which is really creepy, kept in balance with Red Dog.
i can't help with the translation. good to know TSD is still out there.

Anonymous said...

that's a very sweet picture of the team. thanks.
yes, i have missed you. but i understand the need to be quiet sometimes.
peace and love to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to know that TSD and their Fearless Leader have not fallen into the clutches of the Branchstackers. We miss all of you but understand that there are times when one needs/wants to just crawl into the back of a cave, curl up into a tight little ball and let the rest of the world go on by.

Jodi,eh? said...

Of course you are noticed missing and missed. I am hoping you are gathering excellent material for your fall blog-er-amma...

Sobaka said...

Glad you surfaced long enough to let us know you're OK. I missed you. Enjoy your time in the quiet private solitude. We all need that sometimes. Thanks for the awesome photo for us to look at while you are away.