29 August 2013

Bay Team USDAA Western Regional starts Friday, see you there!

Otterpop prepares to make the journey cross county to the lush grasslands of Prunedale for the Bay Team Western Regional.

Although she will just be using the lush grasslands to play frisbee. Otterpop sits this one out. Maybe there's a gambler run or two for her. But no exciting Grand Prix finals or Team Relay for her. She would rather ride around with me on the tractor. Chase the garbage truck. Eat bees. Anything is better than a big dog show.

Gustavo! Jumpers! And other things! There could be tunnels! We will be running together and running fast and hopefully in the right direction. Perhaps slamming the Teeters of Death, perhaps running into up to 5 extra tunnels instead. Who knows?

Hope to see all of you there!

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