03 July 2013

Gustavo says happy early fourth of July from his soundproof room where there are no firework sounds.

run like this for Gustavo
When I got dressed on this morning of this practice, I threw on the top that, in my mind, makes me look Swedish. Or Norwiegan. Or like someone that shops at Anthropolgie and wears big turquoise jewelry and with garments that swish in a good way, and blowing touseled hair. It's like a tunic. Over a tank top. Because it was hot. And my baggy pants. That don't look Swedish. And my purple sneakers.

I hate purple. I hate purple more than almost anything. Not as bad as ticks, but more than washing the kitchen floor. The guy at the shoe store said they wouldn't make my feet hurt and I believed him. He seemed so nice. Like he really cared about my feet. So now I have ugly purple shoes that make my feet hurt. And that no one would ever wear in Sweden.

run like this for Otterpop
And clearly I was delusional in my ensemble selection. The overall effect of this ensemble was not European bohemian by way of Malibu ranch. Not by a long shot. On video it resembles more the guy that wears all his clothes in 300 layers and slowly pushes his shopping cart down the road near the 7-11.

run like this for Gustavo
I was thinking about this, driving home from my agility class in the dark how there is delusional and there is reality. There is what you hope for in your mind and there is picking out an outfit that makes you look like a homeless guy who says he came from the Sun.

run like this for Otterpop
They look like sort of the same thing, both are short little black dogs, they both run fast and they do pretty good at agility. Otterpop is essentially retired, she's accomplished her goals, many shiny gold titles and championships. A lifetime achievement award. Number One in her top tens. She was always my ace in the hole.

Gustavo was always the baby. He needed more help. He doesn't run for titles. I run them very, very differently, to accomplish the same things on a course. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses. My handling with Gustavo has evolved into something new. Otterpop is only about kickin' old school and knocking out gambles.

Otterpop can run in heat and during fireworks. Gustavo, a quivering mass of jelly during both those things that make for a perfect storm this time of year. Tonight when I pulled Otterpop out for class, always before my ringer, on a hot night with firework booms going off in the distance, she gave me a super clear wakeup call. Like the kind that hangs up in your ear with a loud dialtone. Run the Otterpop how she wants to be run. And then make sure you throw that frisbee.

Class went sort of like my video outfit. A complete mess. The best of intentions gone painfully amuck. A little delusional to expect she would always be the ace in the hole forever. That maybe agility really doesn't happen via telekinesis. And that she don't run like Gustavo. Sorry Otterpop, you can stick with correct arm changes and your far distance dark arts.

And sorry Sweden. I'm going to just wear my regular old shorts and t-shirt next time. And never agin, purple sneakers.


Jodi, eh? said...

It's a great t-shirt. You are just wearing the wrong pants. You have to decide if you want baggy on top or the bottom. Not both. Or it looks like you are hiding something. Purple running shoes are good, I know a self respecting Swede who approves. She does not approve if they hurt your feet. She is very practical that way. Most are.

team small dog said...

Gustavo would like to come spend fourth of july week in canada. We think there would be no fireworks there.

CJ in Canadialand said...

C'mon up to Canada! Just skip July 1st, that's the day I have to try to bail 'cos of evil fireworks too.

jodi,eh? said...

All of TSD are welcome to come to Canadaland. We do not light fireworks here, we do not like to get too excited. We need to keep our energy stored for the winter months when we hibernate. Come to Canada and stay calm....