11 June 2013

Look at this surprise we got in the mail the other day!

Devi of Mad Dog Metalworks made team small dog beautiful new dog tags! She made us a whole set as a surprise to commemorate our trip to Oregon. Wow!

She hand stamps them with tiny little hammers and letter stamps. These are not just any old dog tags, these are ultra fancy! Ruby looks very dressy now.

Could these be more perfect? Devi did internet photo sleuthing and figured out that Otterpop and Ruby have brass buckles on their collars. And that Otterpop should be President and that Ruby is a Mother Superior Saint of Dogs. They both wear ancient leather collars that I picked up at a horse show many years ago. Those are hella sturdy old collars, especially to survive the hard wear and tear Otterpop puts on hers swimming and rolling around in dirty, dead stuff.

The new tags add a little class. The back offers a reward and has my cel phone number and a little star on it. Love it.

Gustavo's is silver aluminum, and looky at that. Hola! It's a diamond. Looks very nice on his little plaid collar that I bought on etsy. He's kind of a plaid guy.

His back has a reward and my phone as well, all stamped in with the tiny stamps.

I'm keeping his boomerang tag on, just in case. Gustavo used to be a flight risk. He needs to wear a tag with multiple phone numbers and an address, just because. Devi's is WAY cuter though.

And last but not least, a storytelling bead, hammered out of copper. It tells the story of my trip to Oregon, all hammered out on tiny letters around the sides. So awesome and I'm going to put it on a necklace.

Devi's Etsy shop is open for business, everything in there is totally custom. If you don't see what you want in there, just tell her and I suspect she'll find a way to make it for you.

Thanks Devi!! I love our tags!


jodi, eh? said...

Those are super duper excellent tags. Lucky you.

Sobaka said...

Those are awesome.

Kamikaze K9s said...

Those are awesome and Devi Rocks!!!

Elf said...

Nice work, Devi! Gorgeous!