03 June 2013

Course analysis with the team-Using your videos to help, not hinder your most excellent performance.

From our practice on Saturday. Did I mention it was HOT?


Mary said...

Coaches Eye totally you. (Thanks for not posting any of our practice runs.) (You could pick out one or two awesome renegade sequences and post those.) If there are any.

Anonymous said...

My son Zach, who refuses to do a shhhh blind cross, took my iPad and Coaches Eye and drew all over my run showing my why my blind cross failed. Butt head! :)

I would not even venture out of the house if it was a 101 degrees!

Tammy Moody said...

I want all of my videos to be analyzed by you and your coaches eye. I think I would be a much better handler with your tutorials.

LCD Soundsystem is totally cool for the soundtrack too.

Debra Jane Seltzer (aka agilitynut) said...

You're as demented as you ever was. And I mean that in the most positive way.