20 May 2013

Like a sassy little crab, we hope to just scuttle along sideways. At the beach!

What if we just worked really hard on being mediocre? Which would probably mean only working sort of hard. Which probably is the level we actually are working at. Really hard falls into the category of packs full set of weave poles and jumps in car, drags to a local school field and unloads and sets up a drill and practices then packs it all up and takes home and puts away every single morning before work.

Sort of hard, you know.

This frees one up for striving to being able to hover around the level of average. A sideways trajectory.

Reworking the mindset to keep failing, until we accidentally no longer fail. Maybe. Or maybe not. But with time left over to watch the whole LCD Soundsystem movie. From start to finish. Shut up and play the hits.

1 comment:

Elf said...

Well, at least you practice, so your striving to be mediocre has more of a chance to succeed than my plan, which involves no practice but still hoping to get Qs.