28 May 2013

A photo of a tortilla featuring the likeness of Otterpop waking up from a nap.


Terry A said...

a miracle!!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE miracles!

Anonymous said...

Odd that the first "anti robot word" is "sarcasm."

Rand, Thatcher, and Palin: oh my! What has Otterpop done to deserve those comparisons?

- Chris Oliver, whose ACD/BC mutt itches and has to take a six day pred and antibiotic treatment. Bleah!

team small dog said...

I channeled those portraits straight out of Otterpop's brain. But I believe the tortilla miracle absolves her from her delusions.

Elf said...

The resemblance is amazing!

Chris Oliver: My dog periodically breaks out into itching and has to have similar treatments. It's starting to dawn on me that we Q more often when she's on drugs. I wonder whether doing it even if she isn't itching is illegal?