24 April 2013

Some motion based movies from our journey.

Heather put together this video of Gustavo's runs from the drills and jumpers day of the seminar.

Handling like this was hard. My blind cross and motion and blender skills are pretty minimal and you can see us struggling to turn the right way. It's supposed to be easy, but watch! I can make it look hard! This video shows a lot of unclarity, a lot of the way it is. A lot of opaque and uncomprehending handling from me.

I have movies in my camera still that feature Otterpop, and courses that also have contacts. I am not a quick movie maker. In what I've watched, Otterpop has a harder time buying into some of this than Gustavo does. She is resistant to new things, especially when it goes against her religion.

Gustavo, on the other hand, I'm not really sure exactly what he knows. He is always game to follow along, so if I can show him something clearly, which is rare, because, I am pretty darn obtuse in all things, he can follow me. You follow? His neuron paths might not have the ability to lay down new pathways of learning. This is a cranial fact I have learned about how brains work. But he works very, very hard to stay in the game and tries to catch on if I can just point him the right way.

I am on an agility vision quest here. When our sainted lords and ladies warn me of the fallout, a comment Desiree made to me stands out and comes to my mind instead of defeat. It's just about getting the information across better, more clearly, in a way where you stay connected no matter what you're doing. Doing agility with a little Goo always means I have to be clear as day, clear as a window in the bottom of a clipper ship, staring deep into the sea at the swimming fishes and sharks below. You can see the coral reefs down there, melting before your very eyes. The plastic island wrapping it's way through the seas. Maybe it's not even stuff you want to see, but you gotta make sure you keep watching and keep in the clarity at all times.


Agility Foot said...

Nice work Laura. Loved seeing your progress from the first exercise to the course work. Smooth. And Gooey was really enjoying himself. Loved how you opened yourself up on those k-turns!!

Jodi, eh? said...

"fall out, schmall out" which is Yiddish for "if you don't learn new things at our age, your brain will fall out"
You two look great with your European handling moves. I thought you were going to shorten your sleeves though?

Unknown said...

Wow. I like how nicely he goes once he 'gets' what is being asked. Lots of tricky stuff in those setup!

Looks like a really good seminar!

tundrah said...

Looks hard and looks like fun. Gustavo reminds me of Forest--as long as you are in the right place at the right time, they're along for the ride and happy to be there. But muddy waters make them work too hard. He appears to have kept on working so you must have been doing enough right, even if it didnt feel like it.

Nice work and thanks for posting these. I now have some new backyard drills to work on. :)