27 April 2013

Nietzsche said, a casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

Gustavo has been running pretty good, when we practice, in our class. He has his ups and downs, but in general I've been happy with how how it's been going. I had hopes we'd do a good job today, we would run fast and clean.

You know that guy Nietzsche? I think he said that Hope Prolongs Whatever Torments Us. Then he went mad and died.  Nietzsche was a man blessed with a rad handlebar moustache.

It was a beautiful day. My job was to empty all the trash. That's my thing. I do a good job. You have to get the trash out of the cans without spilling it, and haul it to the dumpster, along with the bags of recycling. Also, always make sure to put a new trash bag in the cans.

Oh, and put new toilet paper in the porta potties.

Our day started out ok. Gustavo skipped a pole in his second time through the poles in Steeplechase. I didn't see it happen. I was wearing my glasses and everything. He just missed a pole and kept going through. Happened really fast. So we got an E. Everything else in that run was great, so I hoped it was a good way to start the day.

Today, the letter E stands for Entropy and Every Single Run. That Steeplechase E was our best run of the day. The day unraveled to a final fiasco in Masters Standard I'm not even sure I could tell you exactly what happened. It was ugly. There were tunnels. No teeter. Really bad.

PS. Otterpop did not get the gamble.


Anonymous said...

entropy- it's not just a doctrine of inevitable social decline (meaning #4.)
it's also a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message (meaning #2.)
i thought entropy was basically heat death from everything spinning out of control... now i know more. thanks to TSD and dictionary.com
and i know how hard those awesome except ____ runs are to fit into the Big Goal Plan. i'm thinking they are not overridden by trash well done but that's a whole new philosophizing opportunity i will let pass.
this comment is what happens when i get up at 5 a.m. for something other than agility...


jodi, eh? said...

2Do and I have been working on bars, that is, trying to keep them up. We generally do pretty good at trials, though bars are definitely an issue. Our last trial of 14 runs, he only knocked 2 bars, which is a super improvement, but we had 14 E's. We win!
Like Gilda Radner said...
"it's always something..."

Elf said...

We could start a club for really fast happy dogs who bring on the demon of chaos on course and don't Q starting with just one little thing in each class and then progressing to I Don't Want To Talk About It. I love watching Gustavo run. I so wish that he completely could get with the program. And Boost, too, but Boost doesn't run full out with such joy the way Gustavo does.