01 April 2013

Agility vision quest, when the thing you are trying to see comes out looking different than that which what you thought you saw in the past.

We are practicing. I don't know that we get better. I don't know that we get worse. I do know that we do what we do and this is something that I am taking note of in my brain. The fact that I don't know.

There is agility in April. I don't know that we're going to many trials this year. I don't know a lot of things, so I will say this is the spring of I Don't Know.

I am drifting along with Gustavo, we're goal-less and just trying to be each other's teammate. I can tell you that he has learned how to walk in the forest without freaking out, and this makes us all very happy. I can tell you that we have a great time when we practice, and that if I handle things right, he runs swell.

This doesn't happen a lot.

I can tell you that he is my dog I sometimes carry around because I love him so.

Sometimes I go get Otterpop during class when things go wrong with the Goo. This still happens. We are like a warped and spinning vinyl that scratches and catches. Try that with your mp3 file. Otterpop is done with trials, except for her personal best attempt to get the most gambles of all. Otterpop really, really, really likes riding on tractors and having agility practice. Those are her best things and those are what we do. She is good at agility, and she could have had it all. But it ended up looking different than that.

Gustavo will go to a couple trials this month, and do what he does. He's still a mystery. Maybe dog shows are not our thing, maybe not til my someday, imaginary new dog show dog. Future dog. Who maybe only lives in my head. I don't know.

Our agility looks like something else now. I'm not sure what it is, but I know it's different. I think it's here for a reason I didn't think of yet. It isn't Gustavo, international agility superstar of tight turning.
It's the vision quest portion of the trip. The first leg of I Don't Know starts in a couple of weeks, with an agility road trip to the mountain compound, then on to Portland and Poodletopia!

We are headed north for a reason. I don't know what it is yet. I believe that Agility vision quest also wants me to go south and east in a circuitous, wiggle shaped route. How come? I don't know.


Sobaka said...

What a sweet photo of you holding Gustavo. He is so cute. You both look great in the video!

Erika said...

Aww Gustavo. What a sweetheart!

loganbill said...

poodletopia is a good place to have a vision quest, or a respite, while on a quest.

Amy Carlson said...

I love Gustavo and I haven't even met him! :D His journey has touched me and that is a wonderful thing. Good for you for all you do for him! I think of naming my next dog Dude, just because shortened would be Do-Do. We could meet some day with Goo and Do-do, except that I live by the other ocean so we may never meet.

team small dog said...

Maybe our agility vision quest will takes us towards the ocean of the east!