05 February 2013

A blind cross saves the day.

A blind cross saves the day! Yay!

Watch carefully for another one off the dogwalk. Then watch me not notice the a-frame is set for big dogs until I've already sent Gustavo up and over. Oops.

And then Gustavo went all distracty and drove me crazy and so I went and got my spare Otterpop out of the car and ran her at the end of class.

Then we drove home because it was 9:30pm and class was over. The end.


maryclover said...

Just a question...does Robert Downey Jr subscribe to your blog? Or, have you broken up?

Sobaka said...

Everyone looks great! So speedy. Gustavo looks so attentive.

Unknown said...

ahaha, so fun.

team small dog said...

Tori, Otterpop has become my go-to Ketschker dog.

Apparently, I am riding a trend of GDHS afficianados who have been euro-izing their handling somewhat with bits and pieces that used to be off limits. I thought I was the only one.

I am very lucky to have a coach who, while she follows some very specific handling rules for very specific reasons, sees the logic in some of my shift in handling and is helping me harness it for the powers of good not evil! I have rulz. I livz by them. They are just different now.

So maybe not broken up. Just, expanded upon. Still waiting for the fallout I've been warned of. so far, so good.

Jodi, eh? said...

You are not the only one. There are snowmobiles full of Canadian ladies who are blind crossing like there's no tomorrow at the moment. It may not save the day but it sure saves our asses!!

Elf said...

I saw tons of people (well--a lot more than the usual zero) doing blind crosses last weekend. It's been years!