11 January 2013

Team Small Dog's totally useful smartphone tutorial-it is an iphone, not a drone.

This is the app that if you can find your glasses, and click on it, it tells you to breathe in and out slowly and mindfully for either 5 or 12 minutes. Also it has settings for flute music or sounds of rain or streams. And it was free and brought to you by a drug company. Please remember to charge your phone so it doesn't die and then you can't run your breathing app.

This is the running app. It was a free download from the app store and when you click it, it tells Gustavo to run really, really far in a straight line at full speed. We use this one a lot.

Here's the settings icon. When you click on this, Otterpop helps you find the place to turn off the wi-fi or turn it back on again. And no. It still doesn't send emails. And yes. I know how to make the type bigger. That is so totally easy and you don't need to show me again.

If you get electrocuted on hot wire and your iphone is in your pocket and the screen goes black, good luck getting it restarted again! You will need to find a teenager and hope they can figure it out.

Brrr. You might be jealous that this beach is 3 minutes from my work and I got done before dark, but it is cold and I am wearing a jacket. You can use the app to tell you how cold. There might very well be a little sun there, but then check the number. Use farenheits. Freezing!

Also, if you look on this photo very carefully you will notice me and Gustavo's excellent display of teeth you will notice I have more teeth than Gustavo. Personally, I am not missing any teeth anymore. I can't say the same for Gustavo. I need to download a teeth app for Gustavo. We hope there's an app for that.

Probably I'll put this photo on facebook. You can do that straight from your iphone if you click the right button. It is built in. Use this if you feel the need to boast. I mean share. But I actually didn't take this with my iphone because I broke up with it's camera for dog photos. I will still put it on facebook. Friend me, K!


Elf said...

Wonderful photos! And an excellent tutorial if I ever decide to get an iphone.

Jenn said...

That last shot of Gustavo is delightful! Such a cutie-pie!