16 January 2013

January mornings make us squint, and then, apparently, hallucinate.

Casting notes, just in case Wes Anderson wanted to make another version of Les Miserables, and then just in case he wanted to have it starring my dogs. Javert and Jean Valjean? Otterpop looks grim, and Ruby looks tired. Tired and squinty.

Or perhaps, Otterpop as Thernardier, and Gustavo as his Mrs? And then Ruby would be Eponine. Shown here on the barricades, Do you hear the people sing? I know Sacha Baron Cohen is very tall. And Otterpop is very short. But just a thought. I'm just thinking out loud here.

Actually, nevermind. Otterpop is definitely Javert. Grim and relentless. I know it's typecasting, but she plays that asshat cop part so well. And Gustavo is definitely the Big Love daughter who sings like Snow White as Cosette. You can practically hear the trilling. And he has the flowing hair.


Sobaka said...

I love Gustavo in these photos. There's Ruby "Where's my coffee," Otterpop "Don't even think about talking to me" and Gustavo "I'm so happy! What a beautiful morning! I'm so happy!" Great photos, made me smile.

Elf said...

Good casting decisions in the end.