24 January 2013

A champion congratulatory celebration, Top Ten champions.

Hey there, Otterpop and Gustavo. Did you even know you were Top Ten champions this year? Even with all of the f&*ked up antics, including but not limited to, creepy startlining, judge sniper stink eyeing, teeter freaking, table bailing, tunnel sucking and occasional weepy sadmaking of agility fiascos, you guys both ended up in the Top Ten in your chosen categories this year.

I believe their precious faces say it all.

Who, us? And what does that have to do with us getting off this log?

Presenting USDAA Number 1 Gamblers and Standard dog in the 8" Performance division Otterpop, and the USDAA Number 2 Jumpers dog in the 12" Championship division Gustavo. Shown here standing on a wet log in the drizzle.

Also presenting my leg. Sometimes we just like to lay down in wet sand just because. Gustavo shown here looking at Otterpop, who has run off with the stick the size of the baseball bat. Shortly before this photo, he ate something that looked like a little round cap with 8 rubbery legs. I think it was a decapitated octopus. I'm sure it was protein. He better not hallucinate tonight.

How we celebrate around here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Not just Top 10, but #1 and #2!!! that's incredible.

(sorta way better than #8 and #9, not that those numbers aren't peachy as well)



team small dog said...

We have a very competitive little dog division here in the North of Califa, and we all work hard to win! 4 of the top 5 were all our peoples, and 1 of the top 5 one of our peoples from the South of Califa. I am proud to be in such good company of great little dogs.

I'm very proud of Gustavo too. Jumpers was the one class we competed in consistently, and that through all his medical curve balls he's gotten thrown at him last year that he could somehow end up in the top ten like that. Yay!

Sobaka said...

Congratulations, that is so awesome! Yeah, they don't look impressed, but I am.

CJ said...

Bravo & congrats! Nothing quite like a celebratory cephalopod :).

Elf said...

That's the best kind of celebration, running out and about off leash! I don't know WHAT dogs are thinking when they look at, like, Top Ten pins or LAA plaques and say, "that thing is uninteresting, we play ball now?" They have no respect for what's really important.

As another friend noted, it's amazing that with all of our little dogs competing against each other, four of them still managed to be in the top 5 in the same class. Them's some awesome dogs and handlers.

Paula Price said...

Congratulations on your Champion-ness!