18 November 2012

Saunter down to check the surf.

This is where you check to see how it's breaking at Mitchell's. Ruby can't go on all our walks lately. Some of us enjoy very fast running for further. Ruby needs to go slower and not so further works better for her. Since she doesn't see or hear good, me and her have to walk side by side no matter what now. Also she prefers to not walk places where she will slam head first into logs or the hills are too steep or slippy.

Some walks, everybody just has to go slower. Because everybody walking together always feels better. This is why we saunter down to check the surf. And then saunter home.


Amy Carlson said...

It is so weird. I take separate walks now, too, sistah. Colby goes slow because she doesn't like bumping into things and so sometimes we all go slow together. Sometimes she stays home so we can go fast. Sad thing is she still wants to go fast. Sucks to saunter. I hope Ruby saunters happily.

team small dog said...

This makes me sad, how could I ever tell Ruby, You can't come because you slow us down?

So I bought her a bag of excellent chewies, only for her. We drive to a walk in the car, and I leave her in there with a chewy. The rest of us make our walk fast, but not too far. This is the only way I can figure it out for now.

Ruby still likes to run on parts of her walk. This is when log slamming into happens, or she might lose me if she runs the wrong direction on the beach.

This is a hard thing to figure out for a dog who always, always, goes with me.