08 August 2012

You should probably have one of these.

Doesn't everybody need one of these? A fanged cowboy monkey riding my favorite border collie to agility victory carrying a striped pole? If that doesn't say Western, I don't know what does. If you are coming to the USDAA Western Regional over Labor Day Weekend, hopefully you have ordered your nice brown shirt. Entries close next week, as does your only chance, ever or forever, to get your shirt.

No mail order. You need to come to the regional to claim your shirt. Monies go towards the betterment of agility via Bayteam.

Get your entry, and your shirt order form here.


jodi, eh? said...

How do I get one if I am not, unfortunately, coming to the Western Regionals? They are friggen awesome!

AgilityFoot said...

Ordered mine!! Excited about wearing a cowboy monkey and BC horse!

team small dog said...

Jodi, I will get you one and mail it, unless Susan G. coming and can bring one back for you?

Anyone else that wants one mailed, here's what we can do, am keeping this in comments so I do not end up doing a mega giant shirt order:

1. Download the entry, and see the sizes/prices available on the shirt order form.

2. Send me an email to laura at teamsmalldog dot com with your order. I will email back your paypal info so you can paypal me for the shirt in advance. This must happen BEFORE Sunday, August 12, because I will send the order it in with my entry.

3. I will order all the shirts together and pick them up in September.

4. I will mail them to you after the Regional. After I mail them, I will email you one more amount to paypal me for the shipping costs. I know all my nice friends of team small dog will pay up efficiently, righty-o?

Let's keep this to USA and Canada only, unless you are ready for some big shipping costs.

Okie Dokie? Remember, any email orders, must come before Sunday, 8/12/12.

Jodi Altman said...

Yay! I will follow your instructions even though I have instructional dyslexia because it will be worth the trauma of following those instructions to get that tshirt. I don't know if Susan is going to your Regionals this year.

team small dog said...

Jodi, just send me an email. It will be easy and you can get a shirt!