28 August 2012

Practice with the Team and Trending-RNC Hurricane Fix the Messed up Bits Edition

Click-n-print for your practice pleasure.

So twice over the weekend, I sent Gustavo out somewhere, ran into a front cross, and instead of watching me, he just kept sending and sending and then we was in a tunnel and I was standing there all, OOPS.

So whether or not I was horribly late, or he was just all "TUNNEL! I HAVE NO TEETH! THERE WAS A SEED POD IN MY NOSE LAST WEEK! I LOVE DOLPHINS!" I will never know because I don't have a surveillance footage. But let's just assume it was me. And him. And we will work on it.

Follow along now.

Black circle numbers-1-3, where i am sending to 3 I am running in to get a front cross before 5. Possibly not to scale. This is where it happens. It happened 3 times when I first built this sequence! So we worked on this.

Also worked on running in there and threadling off the tunnel and rear crossing the poles, which is what I should have done in the first place when this presented itself in a real life Steeplechase qualifier.

Make sure you are running because you have to push out at the last jump, if you want to be just like me, make that one a tire.And run faster.

The red square numbers 1-10 were mostly for the benefit of Otterpop, who still, to this day, messes up that angley left side weave pole entry if I don't get in there and manage. Weirdly, Gustavo doesn't seem to mind this. I did work a lot on just leaving him in the poles both directions of these sequences and running. Faster.

We also worked on discrimination gambles. I set the jump and tire out near the a-frame to point straight at the tunnel, and stayed back and worked on Otterpop selecting the dreaded a-frame sniper vantage point, instead of the tunnel.

Also, weirdly again, Gustavo didn't miss these. Although I stand back way past the security barriers with Otterpop, and just behind the jumps with him.

Gustavo did have 16 teeth pulled. Surprise! Then a few days later, got emergency anesthesiaed again for a seed pod thingy up his nose. And then Ruby got sick. Not related. Although now very beholden to our vet. Perhaps he's feeling better. But it is really nice to be back out working on training and handling issues instead of weird brain related issues.

Let's hope this is a trend. Trending. Artisan pizzas, mixologist cocktails, handhewn backpacks and a focused Gustavo!

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