17 July 2012

Today's hike with the team.

We felt like having a nice walk in the forest yesterday morning.

Also because, hello new shoes! That do not hurt my sad foot. Not wanting to be like a creepy nudist grandma type who has hobbies like whining in a screechy voice and staring over my fence with funny little bird eye glasses, but a lifetime of bumping into things and carrying things and crashing into the ground at high speeds from high places has rendered me one of those aches and pains people now. Sneaker quest, a way of life.

So righty oh, off we went, on to some trails that I don't really know. These are my best hikes. Where we just head out, totally unprepared and not knowing where we're going to end up.

Which works super until you get to the part where, holy smokes. Have no idea where this is. You probably don't want to go with us on these walks. Not for the faint of heart when we squint at the sky, like they do in cowboy movies, looking for west, and finally admit, Indeed! We are now officially Lost.

The dogs were really happy. Otterpop was spinning and barking and hella glad to be out doing her thing. Gustavo was as happy as he can be when he is tied on to me with a long piece of nylon. Free Gustavo. Or don't. And Ruby was doing her thing, keeping up along beside. Because of the awesome new shoes, all of us, running!

So not really paying attention to all the forks in the spidery rats' nest of trails, which way we had come from, and which way would go back to the start. I never mean to do this, but sometimes it just happens.

Luckily, I have an Otterpop. One of Otterpop's skills is how to find things. Ruby, she goes where I go and is almost always just behind my feet. We do not ever, EVER, trust Gustavo. He has to stay tied to me and does not get any votes on which direction to go. When lost, it's Otterpop and I who discuss. She uses dog knowledge sensibilities and I use the Force. And we jog so we feel like we are making good time.

In the interest of don't try this at home, we aren't exactly in the wilderness. At some point, I know after a few miles I will end up on either a road, a railroad track or a river in this particular forest. It might be a long ways, but one of those things will definitely pop up at some point. Me and Otterpop have never tried this anywhere too vision questy and never when it's getting dark. We are afraid of bears and serial killer forest dwellers and don't really enjoy camping or going very long without coffee and tasty snacks.

Between the 2 of us, we trotted along, made the right choices, and found our way back to the part of the forest where I know some of the trees. You are welcome, Gustavo and Ruby. We'll be back to these trails next time we have a foggy, cold Monday morning. See you there!


Elf said...

I've kinda been in that situation--and then such a feeling of success that one can actually find one's way without street signs or the macdonald's on the corner! Glad you made it back alive once again. Did you pick up your dog shit as directed?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laura -- are those the PureGrit model? I've been looking at those but haven't found any to try on before buying.... Shelley

team small dog said...

We always clean up!
Yes Shelley Brooks Pure Grit-SO COMFORTABLE!!! I got them at REI. I have been wearing them everywhere and instead of my soccer shoes for agility-they are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

cool, thanks Laura :)