19 July 2012

Some rules to live by, according to Otterpop, which she will act out dramatically for you today while walking in the forest.

This is life. Otterpop's life. HERS. Yours probably isn't that different.

When there is a hill, you have to walk up it even if you're tired. If you are Ruby, just trudge up it slow. If you are Otterpop, you have already run to the top and you have a stick. Me and Gustavo just are in the middle.

Sometimes someone puts a stupid statue by the spring box and you just have to live with it even if it bugs you. This is called sharing or enduring because it won't kill you. Even if it's stupid. This could apply like, say you like 24" weave poles and you have to do the 22" kind. Just live with it. Even if it's stupid.


You want to come over here and say that? Otterpop didn't think so.

OK. This isn't a rule but we are now at the Blair Witch section of the forest and here are the Blair Witch sticks. Otterpop would like a moment, in case the spirits of horrible grisly death are nearby so she can contain herself and be ready to kick some spirit ass, muthatruckah. Ruby is all, EEK because, Blair Witch! Not just a phenomena of the '90's. Real. Not real. Real? Yikes.

Be careful of mountain lions. Even Otterpop says, Be careful of mountain lions.

When you hear the coyotes on Coyote Alley, stay close. Stay armed. March forward, and onward, and you will emerge victorious.


nosemovie said...

We like that Otterpop's world has freaky elements. We believe in the freaky.

And we sorta believe in Mt. Lions... and believe they should stay MORE than 100ft away from anyone else.

Elf said...

YOu're right. I'm not even going to the nationals. Why should I care what stupid weave poles they decide to use?

Kristine said...

Otterpop has the right attitude. Words to live by indeed.

Stupid weave poles.