03 July 2012

Moving pictures of Gustavo from the weekend.

Here is my handling strategy for Gustavo. Just run fast and call him by many of his names. Gustavo. Goo. Gooey. G. Gman. Goobers. I think I heard all of them in these videos.

His lines aren't the best. He jumps weird. I make a handling miscalculation towards the end of this run. But the thing I like about both these videos is that he's listening and trying and you can tell he's having a grand time and putting his all into the runs. This is my best little guy.


Anonymous said...

He looks GREAT! and your crosses are crisp and clean. I like that he responds to pushes... Mine sure doesn't. Run ya OVER he will...

Nice job.

Terry A said...

lovely, smooth runs! see the quick black fox jump over the triplpe!