30 June 2012

Saturday at the dog show, a fascinating report written while laying on frozen blueberries.

Not a bad dog show. One of the kind where I go to work and the dog show then work and the dog show and so on and so forth. But still somehow manage to get some things done at work and some runs done at the dog show. Such is life for the self employed.

Otterpop ran fine. She overachieved on the gamble, taking an additional obstacle in the actual gamble itself. It was a hard one. So although she didn't Q, she kicked ass and nailed the hard weave poles on funny angle gamble, just with an extra added tunnel. It's the out that counts. I just mostly like watching her sailing out across those gamble lines and nailing weave pole entrances. She flies. She loves gambles.

She had a good standard run, but she didn't win. She came in second. Right now she is the Numero Uno 8" Dog in Top Ten Points for the whole USDAA. But she needs to WIN to stay there! It was a good run though, just a stressed out startline that cost time. HURRY OTTERPOP! You would think she'd like being number one. Maybe if I tell her she wins a truck.

She seems to like just doing a few runs just fine. Got another pairs on her pairs countdown to Lifetime Achievement of Bronze But needs more Stupid Pairs. Mostly she was glad we got to go out to work for part of the day. Otterpop is a workaholic. She has projects there that need doing. Prancing about in the dog show, indeed.

Gustavo had 2 great runs. He won Masters Jumpers and he had a flawless pairs run. He also barked his head off at something invisible the whole time we were at work. So it was good he spent part of the day at the dog show, apparently this time the dog show was free of ghosts and it was work that was infested. I don't attempt to figure out Gustavo any more. Instead, I let him sit on my lap any time he wants.

I did spend the afternoon hobbling around like a little old hunchback grandma after pulling some kind of muscle in my back at work. Luckily a physical therapist took pity on me and a friend with not one but two big bottles of advil got me patched up enough to run. Although I'm typing this laying on a bag of frozen blueberries. I am hopeful it's gone by tomorrow. And can you still eat blueberries you laid around on?

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