03 June 2012

A day of DAM Team-from Point A to Point B.

Turlock is hot. It is located at Point B on this map.

I live at Point A. Point A is on the sea. We have redwood trees and Prius's and artisan cocktails and make fun of Mitt Romney. We live in a groovy bubble and the rest of the country makes fun of us.

Point B has cows and canals and heated debates over whether the canals water the cows and the crops enough. There are likely many people at Point B who would like to throw Barak Obama in a canal.

It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive from Point A to Point B. That includes a stop at Starbucks. At Point A, we converse amongst ourselves about buying local and corporate evils, but sometimes we still stop at Starbucks due to its' convenient locations and our need for coffee to keep us awake since we have to work our asses off to afford our Point A lifestyles.

At Point B, diesel fuel is approximately .19 cents per gallon cheaper and it is a great place to purchase tacos and farm implements. You are almost there when you pass the cheese factory. Se venden animales.

This is where we spent Sunday.

It was USDAA DAM Team day. Otterpop's team came in 3rd place. Otterpop sauntered around. She was all, whatever. At least she saunters accurately, and everything went according to plan, except for when I threw away the big point bonus in team gamblers with a single handling error.

Otterpop hates jumpers, and her dog agility future will consist of no more jumpers.

Gustavo did all right. He is now inexplicably horrified of teeter totters, a blast from the past issue that has been gone a long time. Nothing surprises me with Gustavo. So teeter totters being friendly happy rainbow machines up until today and today they are not, something we just nod our heads and move on to other thoughts, such as wouldn't it be cool to sing just like Bob Seger? Getting anywhere near the teeter totter caused a huge meltdown in his brain. His team did not qualify, because in team standard and relay, not going near a teeter totter in certain classes in dog agility is called E and the whole thing in team is Don't E. Elimination. Luckily, he ran just fine in everything without a teeter totter, and he was carefully placed on a team where they are accepting of Gustavo. I think he even won a couple classes that were teeter-free.

Gustavo loves jumpers, and his dog agility future will consist of much jumpers.

We go back and forth from Point A to Point B a lot. Someday, we would like to get to Point C. In my mind, Point C is like a disco filled with well behaved ponies and free sandwiches and diorama displays like in scientific museums and Team Small Dog are the champions of it. We just came home to Point A though, this time, and will probably go back to Point B again. Then back to Point A. And so on and so forth again.


Elf said...

I often wish for a dog that combines the best of each of my dogs. Like, obvious, Otterpop's accuracy and willingness to do anything with Gustavo's speed and Jumpers Superpower. My feat is I'd get the worst of each of my dogs. Don't even want to think about that. I saw Gustavo's Jumpers run and it was a thing of joy and beauty, his speed and his tail straight out behind him in his jet stream. I saw a couple of the WhatEVER Otterpop's runs and dang it how she always speeds up to Full-Speed Otterpop for, like, the last 3 or 4 obstacles.

Elf said...

P.S. I like your description of Turlock more than mine. Mine: "It was hot." Yours "This is an interesting and different place." Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Is there some way to work "No shit, Turlock" into a conversation or are you all just used to the idea of a place called Turlock?

Elf said...

Anonymous: Excellent idea. Yes, apparently we're all immune to the similarity in sound, we've been there so often and heard it so often.