16 May 2012

Dogs that go to work, some of them working, some of them snoozing, some of them schmoozing.

At work, some of the dogs are helpers, and some of the dogs get to have a relaxing day in a nice big pen, right in the center of the universe where they can be a part of everything, but in a contained way. Ruby used to be a great ranch dog, but she's not seeing or hearing enough for my comfort level anymore. I don't like it that she's not operating on all systems go. Ruby's ok with this. She enjoys the luxury pen with multiple dog crates and beds and the occasional gopher making a guest appearance inside.

Gustavo, on the other hand, has never really been a ranch dog. He has the horse sense of an oven mitt. He wants to eat MEAT and I don't know that he wouldn't run across the road to find it. Or dig up catfood somewhere. Or run over to the neighbor's. Or chase a butterfly into a pasture. Or just start running somewhere just because. He sure does like running. So he and Ruby are dog pen buddies. He does like to sit in laps and talk little walks with moms who come to watch their kids ride. Many little girls take Gustavo for a walk on his red leash at the end of the day.

Otterpop is a useful employee. No sitting in a dog run for Officer Ottercop, she's up and in everybody's business. She likes to lay down and stare at horses with the evil powers in her stink eye to keep them from moving. I'm not sure that all the horses buy into this, but she thinks it keeps them in the stalls when I take off blankets or throw them lunch. She helps me move horses around, she lays in the sun, she rides in the truck, she does whatever I do. She probably thinks she should be teaching my lessons or riding, but she has to stay outside the arena when I'm inside, so she hasn't gotten a chance. Otterpop is obsessed with trucks and tractors and buckets and horses. She probably would like me to get her a herd of cows. Dogs like Otterpop should all have ranches.

At the end of the day, though, is dog time. The horses are tucked in and I am done. That's when it's time to go in the creek and run around the lawn and play frisbee and hunt gophers and run laps and do what dogs like to do. We have some long days at work, but my dogs are always happy to be there. And I'm sure happy they're there.


andrea said...

Lucky you and lucky them!!

love the mental image of Gustavo and his red leash on parade!

Elf said...

In my next life, can I be one of your small dogs?