02 April 2012

Where we all got left behind from the big dog show in Reno, but Ruby gets to go for a ride and she doesn't care.

Ruby tags along a lot these days. She's encouraged to only trot quietly next to me instead of tearing it up out on the beach or in the forest. There's no more crazy frisbee for her or swimstick, and on agility days she spends a lot of quality time sleeping in her crate. Dog show days, she's lucky if she gets a couple of quick walks, and never gets a turn anymore. Nobody likes to feel left out, and I feel bad that it's always Ruby that gets the boring end of the stick.

But some places when we just want to bring a nice, normal dog somewhere, Ruby is our go-to girl. Her expertise in tagging along means she's happy to go pretty much anywhere. She doesn't hate other dogs and blends in wherever you need her to. And she has no inner voice that tells her to do stuff like jump off that cliff over there or bolt at rocket speeds away, far away. Sometimes, bringing the whole team places is unwieldly and a little manic. When one dog will do, (because who likes to go ANYWHERE without a dog?) I like to bring Ruby.

Ruby really likes this too.

PS: Congratulations to Ashley, Nancy, Terry, Channan, Sandy,  Daisy, Daneen, and all of our other agility pals who ran so great at the AKC Nationals over the weekend. Wow!


Elf said...

Sometimes I fantasize about having just a normal dog. This reminds me why.

CA Pet Palace said...

It was so exciting to watch the AKC agilty Nationals and cheer for our friends and all the Papillons...