05 April 2012

An era ends, which means another one is a gotta start, isn't that right?

I have never been one to suggest a group hug. That's not my thing. If you suggest one, I will probably slink away. But that's how we ended class last night, for the very last time. Otterpop finished off the night, on a sequence run tall to small. And that was that.

And before we carried out the equipment, back into the trailer, for the very last time, I yell out, "Group Hug, Everybody!" and that was what we did. And Hobbes was in the middle, barking, because I don't think he's ever been stuck inside a group hug ever before. But he liked it. And I gave him a piece of string cheese so he would bark some more. 

And so Dirt Nite, after 10 filthy years, came to it's finale.


Michael B. said...

I thought it might be easy to toss away my Dirt Nite shoes, but I hesitated this AM. They remain in the Dirt Nite bag. We'll always have this bond to share.

Anonymous said...

I will always be grateful to Dirt Night and the instructors there, for improving my minimal handling skills, introducing me to some new friends, and as Mary said, laughing with and at me and Corgi's antics. I cried all night when I had to drop out because of money problems, and always hoped things would look up enough that we could go back.
Thanks Dirt Night, and all the Dirty Folks for the fun and the knowledge shared. You will live on in all of us.
Maggie Guthrie and Corgi the Aussie

Anonymous said...

YEP...Didnt cry last night but now I have tears. Damn you Laura. What a great night. So glad I came back a few months ago to finish off the journey. Starting at dirt night was the first thing I arrange when I knew I was moving to Santa Cruz for work. Was even living in a vacation rental as my rental was not ready for 3 weeks (I never told the owners of the vacation rental that Cedar was filthy each night we returned to the condo. Just washed him off and slipped him back into the house). Thanks for all of the great memories. And the friends I have made via Dirt Night. Miss you already.
Michelle, Cedar and Safari

team small dog said...

I have some great videos from last night that I have to now curate and edit and remove from my ipad into youtube. My favorite is the one Mary took of herself where she is quietly cursing the ipad because it is videoing her and not me and Otterpop. So very Dirt Nite!

maryclover said...

Please please please to not leave the Mary video out. Those of us far away with our own dirt night or dirt night equivalent would love to see it.