09 April 2012

Easter Agility at Dixon USDAA.

We haven't been to Dixon in a long time. I'm not sure why, because it's in the first line of one of my favorite Camper Van Beethoven songs, as well as having my other favorite dog show thing. You can park your dog car right at the ring and not bring a dog tent with all the dog accoutrements you need to park dogs under a tent. Viva la diesel wagon as a dog hut. Dogs happier, me happier, everybody's happy. It's the little things.

The dog show was fine. This was the tail end of a 4 day show that for many people was on the tail end of the Reno AKC Nationals, and by Sunday many people had fled. More ringside parking space for me. It was kind of a sad, abandoned little show on Sunday though. We always miss the good stuff. Seven days of dog agility for some of you! Plus some vacationing. When do you work, people?

I am trying to be free from expectations and seizing headtrips when it comes to agility now. I am a freaking grownup and have polar bears starving on ice caps to worry about. Many other things in life cause seizing headtrips so dog agility will now function as our no razor wire of the brain zone. Otterpop ran and Q'ed. She didn't run her fastest, she didn't run her slowest. We had a good time because I just let her run how she was going to run, and that's what she did. She had no weird trips, no hairy eyeballs, although no blazing fast speed. If she's relaxed and happy, that's what counts. She gives me blazing fast speed when we practice, and I'm happy to have it there.

Gustavo had a brilliant jumpers run. He has become a Masters Jumpers machine. His other runs had brilliant moments, but they were held together with extra tunnels and missed weave entries. The first runs of the morning were a little bit INSANE and I have a hard time handling the insane. I gave up to the call of the tunnel in gamblers and called for a LIE DOWN mid course and out we went. I call this not quitting, but pure and simple damage control. Although interspersed in all the insane was 5 whole seconds of table and teeter totters and super fast dogwalk contacts. Me and Gustavo have no more expectations any more. If he can get over the stress, and not totally lose his shit out there, we keep plugging away at championness.


vici whisner said...

I'm sorry I missed you. I left Sat evening to spend some time with family and get back to work. Glad you had a good time, but sad I missed ya. I'll see you at SMART!

team small dog said...

I think almost EVERYBODY left on Saturday evening! See you at SMART.

Elf said...

I actually signed up for all 4 days, probably against my better judgement, but my better judgement caught up with me saturday afternoon and I bailed, leaving my entry fees behind. Sorry I missed you, too.