01 March 2012

Home away from home up there in Mendocino County.

We sometimes sneak away up to Boonville.

Population, hardly much.

The dogs just run all day.

I walk behind them, up and down the steeps.

Then we all sit around.

Look for birds. Pigs. Bones.

Mostly it was raining.

Until there was sun.

We don't much care which it is.

We just like it up there. Don't see another soul til we come down off the mountain.

Not much more to say than that.


Anonymous said...

just in case you think no comments means no one is keeping an eye on tsd, well, we are. tsd and green tea. what better way to start the day? or late morning... but what's the deal with all this blogger says prove you're not a robot?

Agility Foot said...

Lucky you!

Doggy Doogle said...

Very beautiful scenery to go with your wonderful dogs. I imagine all they do is runn around playing all day with that much space to roam free. Great pics and story, thanks for sharing

team small dog said...

Wow. Even I have to prove I'm not a robot to post a comment on to my own website. This is awesome news! Wait until they add in blood analysis to prove we're not zombies. Maybe it can also do blood cholestrerol levels and biofeedback.

For this, and many other things, we are all lucky.

Elf said...

I'll have to get your secret booneville location; sneaking away with the dogs to run all day sounds like a great getaway.

team small dog said...

It's not that secret. I am just a greedy hoarder and wish it was my private vacation home.

Everyone should go there though! If you do, tell Ann that I sent you.

If you go last minute in the winter during the middle of the week, it's more affordable. Her website is http://www.sheepdung.com/ and it is the best place ever to go with a bunch of dogs.