19 February 2012

Westside, Santa Cruz.

We like to walk around the neighborhood before many people are out.

Mostly we say hi to old people, joggers, surfers, homeless guys and drug dealers.

The way we say hi is a fast look in the eye, a nod and a smile.

This means hello at early o'clock on the westside.

A lot of people know me. I walk the same streets almost every day, me and the dogs.

I think I'm pretty lucky to have this neighborhood.

It's not really that fancy.

A lot of different kinds of people crammed into a pretty small space.

Which is why we have to walk around a lot. Stretch our legs.

Hello today from the westside.

1 comment:

47 said...

You're making me miss California. Got room on Team Small Dog for a few more? I love your slogan!