06 February 2012

The top ten people you don't hardly ever see at a dog agility trial, now available in contest form due to unforeseen contestmania.

Did you even know I was over here having a contest the other day? It happened while I was at work and exactly one person entered and won big. Maybe you wished you could have won the free dog food that our big winner, Tammy, won. But you didn't even try. I'm not sure why. Well, HERE is a contest for everybody.

All you have to do is spot all 10 of the people listed below at a dog agility trial, snap a photo of each one and email it to me, and you could be a WINNER! Prizes and rules to follow.

Top Ten People You Hardly Ever See at a Dog Agility Trial

10. Camo clad person frying his or her brains out on peyote and talking about shamans.

9. Unironic big eyeglass wearing skinny jeans person with chunky hair demonstrating how they used to behave in a mosh pit back in the days of the mosh pit.

8. Gray faded drum circle member wearing tie dye and shell necklaces. Must feature one djembe since it would be way too totally easy to find the gray haired tie dye wearers holding border collies, not drums.

7. Jogger with tiny arms who chants out Indian chants and if you look at him or her weird, even if you didn't mean to, is all, "Indian chants."

6. Steve Buscemi.

5. Super hot, arm waving Zumba dancer in a tiny yet moisture wicking tank top in either tangerine, raspberry, or azul fresca.

4. Bearded man in overalls who does at least one activity from the following list: distills handmade gin, brews and bottles beer, churns artisan ice cream in flavours such as whiskey persimmon and lavender poblano. Extra points if he wears braids and has a straw boater. Not meaning to be sexist on this one, but just not wanting to see photo of bearded lady in overalls.

3. Someone wearing a prairie dress. See, not sexist. This can be either man or woman.

2. A kid.

1. A former contestant from one of the following reality television series: America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway, American Idol, or MTV's the Real World. No other reality television series contestants will be considered. No exceptions.

Contest Prizes and Rules:

Contest winner wins opportunity to collaborate on a performative art piece to be presented at 2012 Southwest USDAA Regional, one night's stay at the Watsonville Motel 6 and a free t-shirt. I hear the Motel 6 has been cleaned up real nice since the child murder there a few years back. And you get to pick what size of t-shirt. But not the color.

Photographs must be taken at a sanctioned dog agility trial from major dog agility organization. Please have your trial secretary or chair submit an affidavit as evidence of authenticity. If USDAA requires a separate fee for this submission, it is the responsibiliity of the contest entrant to submit this fee. You may need to procure a new login and password from the USDAA office.

This contest commences today, this sixth day of February 2012, and will be halted either when one entrant has successfully submitted all 10 photographs or on the ninth day of August, 2012.

It is fine to repost this contest with the magic of social media. If you are all twittery, then good for you.

In the event of no winner, no prizes will be awarded.


team small dog said...

You are going to have to get your trial secretary or chairs on board with the authenticity of that.

Jodi, eh? said...

I'm thrilled that you've now opened your contest to Canadians but how am I going to get a pic of Steve Buscemi? Can I replace him with Eugene Levy? Also, if the person is wearing a parka over her/his prairie dress, does that count?

KristineD said...

For number "2", would it be acceptable to submit a picture of a baby goat?

HurricaneDeck said...

I am pretty sure I have seen all 10 at weight pulls. Too bad you're limiting it to agility trials. LOL

nosemovie said...

I see nothing in the rules that says family members of prior contest winners are not allowed. WOOT!
I thought Tammy had killed it for BOTH of us with last week's big win.

I see ALL of this all the time, except the tank top thing -- gotta wait until May to catch a glimpse of that.

I'll have my camera ready. :)


team small dog said...

Oh boy. Who knew it was so complicated to have a contest.

Rules clarification:

There are no substitutions.

Steve Buscemi may not be substituted by Eugene Levy. This is not a fair substitution. I think we all have about the same odds of Steve Buscemi showing up at an agility trial in the USA, Canada, and Internationally.

A baby goat may not be substituted for number two.

Weight pulls do not count. I'm not even sure what a weight pull is? Dogs pull heavy things or people? Or Steve Buscemi?

Family members of previous contest winners are allowed to enter, if the Nosemovie and Tammy family win both of these contests, then probably you guys should start teaching seminars in contest winning.

nosemovie said...


team small dog said...

Oh yeah, and parkas are fine in over prairie dresses or on any of the other 9 items. It's winter, afterall.

Elf said...

I'm so on this! I have a camera! And I take it to agility trials! Now I just need a translator on what the heck you're talking about and who Steve Buscemi is, let along Eugene Levy.