11 January 2012

The poor dogs of Team Small Dog have been somewhat abandoned and left to their own devices and chewies.

All I can tell you is that life is flying by again. For some reason it seemed a little slower around the holidays. Maybe that was just me. Was I even awake?

There is still work to go to. Horses need riding. Extra jobs need designing. People need meetings. Teeth need surgery. Zumba needs booty shaking. Online courses need attention. Drawings need drawing. Stories need writing. There is weeding. Who is doing the weeding?

It has all snuck up on me and the dogs are suffering. Don't they look so sad? They are overdue for working on so many things. Skillz drillz, a thing of the past. They would like to have some practice and some running on the beach.

Me, too.

Clearly haven't been pulling up my champion pants.

Here are some facts from the last couple whizzing by days:

I tasted clam juice. I would recommend don't taste this.

I stopped visiting facebook. Actually I stopped this last year. If you are trying to talk to me in facebook and you thought I was ignoring you, you would be correct. And you just thought I was a bitch. I wasn't even there.

I became addicted to expensive artisan pizzas made by mandolin playing organic slow food bakers with beards. Does your city have these bearded wonders? They tend to drive vintage trucks and make ice creams in flavours like bourbon persimmon pistachio.

I have a mouthful of stitches again and lost a whole day due memory sucking amnesia drugs. The clam juice was real, though.

iPad forced me to quickly speed read 4 books about interesting women including a suburban widow waiting to die, a groupie from Frank Zappa's performance art girl group in the '70's, Tina Fey, and one of the stars of the Blair Witch movie who became a pot grower in Willits.

I borrowed a beautiful plank to go back to dogwalk driveway maintenance, because running dogwalks require maintenance. I have not yet even set it up. Maybe while you are reading this me and my swollen face are out there right now setting it up. Do you know where robot's remote controller is?

I'll see if iPad has it.

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nosemovie said...

They should make an iPad that takes dogs to the beach for you. I'll have them get right on that.