21 November 2011

A very special Team Small Dog movie review of The Skin I Live In, by Pedro Almodovar.

So let's say it's a rainy, no agility day? What better thing to do with your visiting, somewhat "ahem" senior citizen parents, who usually like activities such as Walking Tour of Botanical Rose Garden and Boat Tour of Lovely Autumn Leaves, than to take them to a movie by Pedro Almodovar who makes arty sex movies like the one about tiny guy who lives in a lady's vagina?

"We like subtitles!" Right on, Mom and Dad, of total cinematic braveness!

Gustavo, which may or may not mean William in the Spanish language, will re-enact today's review for your viewing pleasure.

You've seen other movies by Almodovar, right? Lots of tile and fancy furniture and sort of like a less uptight Spanish hipster Woody Allen but weirder?

So Antonia Banderas and his well groomed hair live in the impeccably tiled and remodeled plastic surgery castle known as El Cigarral.

It would be a spoiler to tell you who he lives with.

It would also be a spoiler to tell you who the bad guy is.

Pretty much to tell you anything about this movie is a spoiler. The skin suit? She wears a skin suit. Not a spoiler.

There are absolutely zero vampires, zombies or dogs in this film. Instead there is minimalist furniture, a famous Ingres painting and yoga with sort of a Dexter meets Dr. Frankenstein in a clean and modern facility vibe. Gender and identity politics might be a theme except I wasn't really sure or if those are relevant themes in the era of social media and the 99%.

We all liked this movie very much. If you see it and you think for a moment, I should shut my eyes here, you probably should. Next time you have a day or an evening off of dog agility, maybe you'll go see it too.


jodi, eh? said...

Your parents must be the coolest....
they had you after all!!!

team small dog said...

My mom and dad hate bus tours and have excellent hearing. They would be happy to see this sentence as an addendum.