24 November 2011

How the Thanksgiving Pilgrims invented government and shopping in the context of dog agility starring your pals Team Small Dog as Everyman's Society.

So right, Thanksgiving marks when the United States of America's Founding Boat Fathers came across the sea to impregnate, infect and decimate the Native Peoples, then invite them over for cocktails and snacks. Then blah blah blah civilized society and more founding fathers and colonies, tea parties, mass destruction and viruses, war, and Voila! Government, then a lot more stuff and Gone With the Wind, Vietnam, Outrageous Consumer Culture, then today! Wow!

In honor of Thanksgiving Day and these great PIlgrim peoples, Team Small Dog takes a stab at explaining government. Because it was raining out and what else you gonna do with your day off?


team small dog said...

I am so glad you understood the powerpoint presentation! Although it is jus as viable of an ending to arm oneself to fight off the zombies.

nosemovie said...

My kid went to a college admissions presentation and during the Q&A period asked the current students (on the panel) what XXX University has done to prepare them for the upcoming Zombie apocalypse. Four out of the Five students on the panel had NO response! Dude... I'm thinking you should go into education. America's youth (but not my kid) is sadly ill-informed about history (which you point out so well here) AND about Zombies. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

i think this is my favorite team small dog posting ever!


PS: team small dog for president!!!

Elf said...

As always, I am so much more enlightened about how things really work after a TSD explanation. It makes me happy, having deeper understandings. Keep it up; I like being happy.