31 October 2011

Oh right, Halloween.

Procrastinated on making your dog costumes? Here's a print-n-clip tutorial in the nick of time, just before you leave work. No dog left uncostumed for barking a trickertreating doorbell ringing little skeletons and Mr. T's. Or Pokemons. Or whoever's coming by tonight. Pretty much you can make anything with a sharpie and enough duct tape. Candy candy candy and out.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I dressed my 2 dogs up as boxers last year for Halloween. We made boxing shorts out of mens boxers and made little boxing gloves and put them around their front paws. Whiskey was Manny Pacquiao and Max was Floyd Mayweather. They were a big hit.

local dog walkers said...

Awesome blog post, I am looking forward to buy costumes for my puppy this Halloween.that is a good idea.