06 October 2011

Good luck to Team USA from all your pals at Dirt Nite!

In honor of Rob's birthday and all our pals competing in France this weekend for the USA at the FCI World Championships, we brought the Worlds to Dirt Nite.

In an unprecedented upset, Otterpop took the Gold Medal in Individual Jumping with a blazing fast clean run. Coach Nancy, perhaps you are taking note of this. I will admit to taking her frisbee on course with us, though. World Team Member Rob, and his dog Wings, incurred a refusal at jump 5 on French Judge Dave Powell's challenging Jumpers Course, but they still took home the Silver. Mary and Ariel went home with the Bronze, after taking down 2 bars.

Thanks to all our Dirt Nite handlers who showed up on the rain to celebrate by running and eating French foods imported straight from France by Trader Joe's and Safeway. Of course we all wished that Rob was in France running with the rest of the team, but we are also very happy to have him here with us, making sure we set our dogs' lines and run fast enough.

Good luck to all my iphone and ipad toting agility pals competing this weekend! Please continue keeping us posted with important dog agility information and photos of delicious French pastries. I am not sure if I will be watching you because of the whole running in the future due to the strategic placement of the international date line which means I may be sleeping during your runs that fall in the middle of the night here in the past. If livestream and time travel involve enough caffeine, then maybe I'll see you. Good luck and have great runs!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome event, Team USA-Watsonville! Sorry that Corgi & I missed it-maybe next year!

Maggie & Corgi